VA Outpatient Contract Extension is Anticipated But Not Certain for ACV Medical Center

ACV Medical Center and VA Outpatient Clinic

VA Outpatient Contract Extension is Anticipated
But Not Certain for ACV Medical Center
Foxburg: The Progress News learned recently that the Health Services of Clarion, through Clarion Hospital, would not be considered for renewal with the VA Butler Healthcare’s. Clarion Health Services currently provides VA health services at the AC Valley Medical Center in Foxburg. Their contract with VA Butler Healthcare runs out on March 31, 2015. Clarion Health Services has been doing everything possible to obtain a contract extension until the matter is settled. According to a Clarion Health Services spokesman, “If a contract extension “bridge” is not in place by the end of the day on March 31, 2015, then area vets would not be able to be treated at the AC Valley Medical Center’s VA Outpatient Clinic.
The VA, however, has said that throughout the process, Veterans will continue to receive uninterrupted care at the current location and upon award of the new contract there will be seamless continuity of care. The award of the new contract is anticipated this spring. The VA plans to provide information to Veterans, stakeholders, staff, and the community once the contract is awarded.
To date no real explanation has been given by the VA to Clarion Health Services why they are not being considered for renewal. There is only speculation to the reason behind the VA’s decision. As far as the new requirements in the new VA Contract, Clarion Health Services has addressed each of the items and is ready to fulfill the contract if given the opportunity. The facility in Foxburg is sufficient in size and space to meet the expansion required under a new contract.
The following are a few of the requirements for the new contract.
In the new contract the VA is seeking improvements in services provided to Veterans. These would include full implementation of Patient–Aligned Care Teams (PACT), expansion of services, improvements to the environment, as well as the following:
• Additional staff to meet PACT staffing ratios and expanded team members to include pharmacists and social workers
• Expansion of podiatry services and telehealth offerings
• Improved equipment and furnishings
• Added square footage for telehealth and specialty care support
The VA contact said, “It is likely that the location of the CBOC will change in order to meet the above contract requirements. However, the new location will remain in Clarion County.”
The facility housing the AC Valley Medical Center is owned by the ACV Development Corp. and wants to remind the public of the invasion scheduled at the ACV Medical Center in Foxburg on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 at 11:00 AM. The invasion calls for area Veterans and community members to participate in the friendly protest of the above matter. The area’s state political leaders have also been notified of the invasion and have been asked to be present as a show of their support. The ACV Medical Center is located at 855 Rt. 58 in Foxburg across from the ACV Elementary School.

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