Tiki Kahle is the Knox Citizen of the year

Tiki Kahle is the Knox Citizen of the year

Carrying on the tradition of choosing a worthy recipient for “Citizen of the Year” during Knox Horsethief Days, Knox Civic Club is proud to select TIKI KAHLE.
Born August 2, 1965, in Butler Memorial Hospital, to Terry W. Kahle and Kathleen Wilson, Terri Kathleen Kahle was dubbed “Tiki” at an early age. The family welcomed sister, Kim later on into their home in Knox, the town where Terry continues to operate his equipment business.
After graduating Keystone High School, Tiki furthered her education at Clarion University, gaining a degree in 1987. “I graduated on Saturday and went to work Monday morning”, Tiki said with a chuckle. She added, “I’m fortunate to be able to work with and support family in my hometown.” Serving as Parts Manager, etc., at Terry W. Kahle since 1987, Tiki added to her education with technical training as well as becoming a Notary Public. Her work ethic and desire to help people grew along with the business, but she makes time to enjoy her hobbies of golfing, kayaking, bicycling, and “watching my nieces grow up”, she adds with a big smile.
Tikii’s love of working with children led her to coach T-Ball with Knox Little League for several years. She has served on the Horsethief Committee since the 90’s, engineering the Kiddies Parade and Tractor Races and any other jobs needing help.
While serving on Keystone School Board for 16 years, Tiki also held a seat on Clarion County Career Center Board for 8 years. Co-chairing the “School to Work Initiative” through IU6 added to her passion for helping the community programs benefiting youth.
Since 1994, Tiki has been a member of Keystone Smiles Board of Directors, serving as Vice President most of that time, as well as seeing the benefit to our area this agency brought.
For the past 3 years, she has thoroughly enjoyed teaching Junior Achievement policies to 9th graders at Keystone High School, also. She is currently serving on CUP Alumni Association Board of Directors and the Knox Fire Co. as a social member, helping with fund raising events, etc.
In 2004, having evidence of how individuals can band together to do good works, Tiki formed the “Mrs. Claus Club” to devise a way for helping persons facing the toll cancer causes, a lingering memory of the suffering her grandmother faced. During these 11 years, under the direction of President Tiki, Vice President Kim Riley, Secretary Amanda O’Neil, Treasurer Tim Cochran, and Consultant Jarah Heeter Reed, the club has grown, becoming incorporated in 2013 followed by acquiring tax-free status as “Mrs. Claus Club of Knox” under 501-C3. Expanding its benefits to include “Believe Baskets”, gifts of comforting items which are donated or purchased from local merchants, every November a dinner for women is held to raise funds for meeting the financial needs of area men and women who are battling cancer. Over $11,000 was realized in 2014, allowing the club to assist local persons in need by furnishing gas cards for treatment trips, grocery gift cards, wig purchases, medical expenses, just to name a few of the ways that our community benefits from this group. The newest challenge for Mrs. Claus Club is starting an educational project to inform the community that “Prevention Is Our Intention” and “Screening Has Meaning”, slogans to motivate and promote cancer awareness. “This vital organization is one of the most rewarding activities that I feel can be done for our community, and it has brought me the most satisfaction when I see the community support pouring in,” stated Tiki.
Tiki is reluctant to accept credit for the impact on our community that her dedication to helping has made, saying “I could not have done this without the support from the people in my hometown.” This jewel in our midst goes about her life quietly, so we should be aware of all the good she does. Knox Civic Club applauds her unselfish dedication to making our little corner of Clarion County a pleasant place to live.

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