Super Bowl Trivia


Please return your finished trivia to The Progress News by Friday, January 31, 2014 by 2:00 PM. In the event of a tie, we will use the tie breaker question (No. 13) and if tied after that we will randomly pick a winner.  You may mail your entry to: The Progress News, P.O. Box A, Emlenton, PA 16373.  Winner will be announced in next week's Progress News.
1. How may Superbowls have the Steelers won?
 A. Five B. Four C. Six D. Three
 2. Who holds the record for the longest run from scrimmage in Superbowl History
A. Marshawn Lynch B. Emmit Smith C. Willie Parker D. Thurman Thomas
3. Who was the first Defensive Back to win the Superbowl MVP Award?
A. Rod Woodson B. Jake Scott C. Chuck Howley D. Larry Brown
4. In Super Bowl XLII, this player made one of the most incredible catches in Super Bowl historyby pinning the ball against his helmet as he fell. Name him.
A. Lynn Swann B. Victor Cruz C. David Tyree D. Jerry Rice
5. Which Super Bowl winning quarterback attempted the fewest passes in a single Super Bowl game?
A. Trent Dilfer B. Ben Roethlisberger C. Kurt Warner D. Bob Griese
6. Through the first 43 Super Bowls, only one player has recorded 3 sacks in a single Super Bowl. Name him.
A. Reggie White B. Dwight White C. Ray Lewis D. Lyle Alzedo
7. Which was the only Super Bowl broadcast simultaneously by two different networks?
8. As of February 2013, two teams have lost four Super Bowls each without ever winning one. Name them.
A. Seahawks B. Buffalo C. San Diego D. Minnesota
9. Which was the first Super Bowl to be designated by the Roman numerals we know today?
10. Which quarterback holds the highest single game passer rating in a Super Bowl?
A. Troy Aikman B. Joe Montanna C. Phil Simms D. Bart Starr
11. Which player holds the record for most fumbles in Super Bowl History?
A. Emmit Smith B. Roger Staubach C. Franco Harris D. Thurman Thomas
12. Which player has won the most Superbowls?
A. Deion Sanders B. Terry Bradshaw C. Mike Lodish D. Charles Haley
13. (Tie Breaker:) Who did Brad Rapp attend the NFL Players Party with at Superbowl XXX in Tiempe, Arizona?
A. Drew Bledsoe B. Bam Morris C. Franco Harris D. Rod Woodson

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