Patriotic Living Rosary


Sunday, September 20, 2015 - at - 7:00 PM

To take place on the grounds of the

Chicora Medical Center

160 Medical Center Road

Chicora, PA 16025

A speaker will lead the Rosary while
volunteers holding glass candles form the Living Rosary!

As each Our Father is prayed, a red candle will be lit,
and as each Hail Mary is prayed, a blue candle will be lit.
As the sun sets, a living, glowing Rosary will appear!

Come join us as we lift our prayers to God for religious freedom,
for our government, for each individual state, and Peace in our world!

For where two are gathered in His name...He is in our midst!

Sponsored by:

Mater Dolorosa Parish, Chicora
St. Joseph’s Parish, North Oakland

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