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If you have been wondering why the My Progress News web-site hasn't seen much activity lately, it's because we've been busy creating the new mobile app, "My Progress News". It's now ready to go and it's a FREE download at your mobile app store.

We created this especially for you Ben R. We're sorry for not keeping up with the site, but it was just one too many things to do while created the mobile app.

So download the mobile app, and we're sure you will like what you find. 

My Progress News launch screen

When searching for the app. from your phone, select the “News & Magazines” category; then do a search for “My Progress News”. You should find a red square icon with a P  in the center. From there you can click the install button. It only takes a few minutes to install and you’re ready to go.

The app features current news from our reading area, engagements & weddings, obituaries, sports, state & local government news, letters to the editor and our featured weekly columns along with a few extra editorial columns that don’t make the cut in the print version and a weekly movie review.

There is a weather app feature that will give you the current conditions for the next 24 hours and a weekly forecast based on your location. 

Our directory gives you quick access to our regular advertisers with their address and phone numbers, and the businesses with a premium listing will have the GPS turn by turn directions and other added enhancements like photos,  videos, links to their web-sites, facebook and twitter accounts. All these features will be available at your fingertips.

Our classified ads will also be updated weekly, so if you have a classified in the print version of The Progress News, you will also be getting added coverage through the mobile app. 

Special events can be advertised through the app with a, “Push Notification”. This is a way to notify/remind users of the app of special events in the area, and possible emergency situations that occur in the area.

The app was designed for local users and travelers. There will be information for our weekend visitors in the “To Do” section of the app.

An important part in the App is the, “You Report It” feature. You’ll find it in the News section of the App. If you are where news is happening, take a picture or two, click on the “You Report It” feature, fill in the form and tell us  what’s happening, attach your photo and off it goes. Once we receive your report, it will be reviewed, verified and uploaded to the app. It’s that easy.

Although the app is ready for downloading it is still a work in progress. More content has to be added, but in time the app will be fully functional. And at the same time, let us know about your business or organization so that you can be included in the app for as low as $20 per month, or call us for print/app advertising packages.

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