Letter to the Editor - Inmate is harassing a Corrections Officer

Forest County State Correctional Institution - Marienville, PA


Inmates at the state correctional institution in Forest, in Marienvill, PA, are relentlessly harassing a corrections officer while supervisors charged with her safety refuse to act.  An inmate is posting this officer’s home address around the prison. She is now forced to live in fear for herself and her family, constantly wondering if the next inmate to be released will show up at her door. To make matters worse, she has received a threatening, sexually explicit letter delivered to her home.

Although it is common knowledge inside the prison as to who is plastering the officer’s address, leadership has failed to act. Instead, the inmate continues to distribute the officer’s address to fellow inmates—in a maximum security prison, reserved for people who have committed horrific crimes.

It’s unchecked behavior like this that leads to serious harm.

At SCI-Rockville, we received a grave reminder of the consequences that occur when safety is not enforced. A female employee was sexually assaulted by a violent inmate due to leadership’s failure to enforce safety procedures.

How long will the leadership at SCI-Forest wait to act before a horrible crime happens to another officer?

As corrections officers, we understand that our job carries risks. We may not know how or from whom such an assault may come, yet we accept those risks to protect our communities. What we cannot accept is a blatant disregard for our safety when the problem has been identified. When a convicted felon threatens an officer, the situation must be taken seriously. That inmate must be reprimanded and transferred away from an officer who remains dedicated to her post.

Jason Bloom, Vice President
PA State Corrections Officers Association
Harrisburg, PA

The mission of this Association is to promote and improve the Corrections profession; to ensure that our members are treated fairly, with respect and dignity; ensuring the welfare of those employed in Corrections and Forensics, who unselfishly protect and serve the citizens of this Commonwealth.

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