Emlenton Gas Light & Fuel Co. - 1895

(A glimpse into Emlenton’s Past)

On Friday. August 7, 2015, at the Crawford Center on Hill Stret in Emlenton, a play was performed highlighting the citizens of Emlenton’s past.
Emlenton Pennsylvania is a very small town with a rich history. At one time there was not an oil or gas company in the United States that did not have a representative living in Emlenton or had family ties to people who lived in this town. One of Emlenton’s citizens changed the way citizens of Europe illuminated their homes. A major league baseball player from this town played in the first World Series. Both, Bob Hope and Honus Wagner, walked on Emlenton’s streets. These are just a few of the facts that you will learn abaout in “Legacy”, a production conceived, collected and written by Julie and Cathy Powell in an effort to bring some of Emlenton’s history to life on the stage.
In this production a group of four actors in the form of reader’s theater will share first person narratives of some of Emlenton’s former citizens.Some of Emlenton’s founders and giants of industry tell their stories, yet some of “Legacy’s” tales come from ordinary folks who in some way impacted the town. Some of its citizens have left an inheritance of buildings and trusts, others have left a legacy of laughter in the stories they have lived out and told. The actors portraying these people were Rev. Gary Brown, Jenny Lowrey, Jeff Powell and Kathy Soroka.
Proceeds from the event benefited the Pumping Jack Museum and the organization of a theatrical group in Emlenton.
The link here is to a video of the production.The video is 2 1/2 hours, so you may want to note where you left off, if you don’t watch the whole think in one setting. You can restart later and select the chapter you need to go to before restarting the video. It’s not a perfect video, but at least you’ll get to see and hear the production as it was presented on August 7, 2015.


(Note: if the video is a little choppy - hit the pause button for a few minutes then restart. This will allow the video to buffer and play more smoothly.)

Also: DVD copies of "Legacy" can be purchased by calling, 724-867-1112. DVD sell for $10 with $5 being donated to the Pumping Jack Museum.
and you can mail your check to: P.O. Box A, Emlenton, PA 16373 - Please includeand additional $3.00 for shipping and handling if you want your DVD mailed to you.

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