- Knox Mayor’s Spotlight - "Sportsmen Outfitters"

Sportsmen Outfitters - Knox, PA - Randy Culberson, Owner

This month the business spotlight rolls over to “SPORTSMEN OUTFITTERS” at 526 East State Street here in Knoxerland.

SPORTSMEN OUTFITTERS is a full service supplier of everything & anything that any Sportsman would ever want or need. Folks come from miles around to shop at Sportsmen Outfitters here in Knox.

They are well known for their massive “on display” of all the items related to the industry and feature a huge “in house” stock of all items at Sportsmen Outfitters They also provide all the services related to the industry, making it a well-known “go to” place not only for the local hunters & fishermen, their reputation and legacy is well known to those who come here from the entire tri-state area. You can “get what you want” at a decent price at “Sportsmen Outfitters” here in Knox Pa.

BUSINESS HISTORY . . . In 1972 Bob Wynkoop opened on Main Street in a building he purchased from former Knox Police Chief (and borough resident) Jim Brown. Bob tells me he shelled out a mighty $2000.00 for the building located at 516 Main Street. It was used as a Brach’s candy warehouse before Bob purchased it, and before that it was a restaurant owned and operated by Ed Rhoades. I can remember that building was full of pinball machines when Ed had the restaurant there, we kids loved to play in there. After Bob did some renovation on the building, he opened and the business was officially named “Bob Wynkoop’s Sportsmans Outfitters”. There was another “Sportsman Outfitters” in Bradford Pa. at that time, and Bob was good friends with the owner Ferdinand Catellier. Bob did most of his buying (store stock) through Ferd up in Bradford and later went on to work as a partner with Ferd at the Bradford store.

On March 1st in 1974, Sportsmans Outfitters (Knox) was sold to Don & Randy Culberson. At that time the business became know as, “Sportsmen Outfitters”. Randy was working as a meat cutter at the local grocery store at that time and Don (his father) owned a building at 528 Main Street where the Culberson family was running a “Dairy Bar” operation in there at that time. In 1976 they moved Sportsmen Outfitters from 516 Main to this 528 Main Street building.

In 1977 Don & Randy purchased the old Knox Movie Theatre at 526 East State Street with the interest of moving the business into a more suitable location. They began a massive renovation on the building at that time, the old theatre was in bad shape, it was a complete top to bottom rebuild. In August of 1978 they had it ready to go and Sportsmen Outfitters officially moved down to the present day location, 526 East State Street. Phone: 814-797-5253.

During a hunting trip in 1980 (up in Canada) Don Culberson suffered a heart attack and shortly thereafter he made a decision to retire. Randy Culberson purchased the remaining interest in the business at that time and remains the present day owner.

In 1993 Randy purchased the lot beside Sportsmen Outfitters (where the Friendly Tavern once was) and expanded again, building a new building on this lot. Both buildings are joined together today providing the massive “on display” area that Sportsmen Outfitters is well known for.

The main entrance is on the “new” building side these days, and most of the other theatre side features an Archery Pro Shop managed by bow technician expert Steve McCaslin.

They have a great stock at Sportsmen Outfitters including hunting clothing, footwear, and during my interview visit there they even pointed out they are stocking camouflaged lingerie and swimsuits for the ladies.

Sportsmen Outfitters is a major supporter of the “Clarion County Sportsmen for Youth” organization helping them do the fantastic things they do every year in our community. Randy is a board member of this organization.

Sportsmen Outfitters is another one of the great Knox businesses we are lucky to have here in town and we say THANKS to Randy Culberson and everyone at Sportsmen Outfitters, you make Knox a better place!  Mayor Frank A / Knox Pa......!

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