Double Drivel 7/15/14

Dick’s Thoughts - Congratulations to Nolan O’Connor and his Kennesaw Generals for winning the 8 and under Georgia Dizzy Dean state baseball championship. Nolan is the daughter of former AC Valley standout Cheri Lopinski. In a few years we may see this team in Williamsport.
Chad Kelly son of former East Brady standout Kevin Kelly has left Clemson and is now at East Mississippi Community College. Chad coming out of high school was the #4 rated quarterback in the country. After a year at EMCC, he will still have 2 years of eligibility at a Division 1 school. He had been recruited by Alabama out of high school and there are reports he has met again with Bama.
Former A-C Valley midget, Franklin, and Pitt standout Nate Byham and former Moniteau HS standout Brice Schwab are both currently listed as unsigned free agents. Let’s hope both of these fine men are picked up by NFL teams.
It was a great story seeing Josh Harrison being named to the NL All Star team. He has had a great couple of months but he only has 5 home runs and 27 runs batted in. Neil Walker has 12 home runs and 41 runs batted in and is not on the all-star team. Justin Morneau has 13 home runs and 59 runs batted in and is not on the all star team. When I think of all stars I don’t think of Josh Harrison.
As of this writing Pedro Alvarez has a higher batting average, more home runs, and more runs batted in that Ike Davis. Hurdle has done about all he can to demoralize Alvarez and continues to place Davis above him in the batting order.
Rick Sutcliffe, one of ESPN’s know it all analysts, was not very impressed with the Pirates Brandon Cumpton. Sutcliffe’s career ERA was 4.08 while Cumpton’s is 3.67.
I saw the other day that an Ohio State defensive lineman was charged with cocaine possession among other charges. Looks like Urban has him ready for the NFL. Continuing with that theme there were 39 NFL players charged with one crime or another last month.
Cleveland’s last professional sports championship was in 1964.
Thought of the week: If you can’t do great things, do great little things.

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