Double Drivel 4/29/14 Issue

Mike’s Commentary: In 2011, Ryan Braun was named the National League Most Valuable Player as the left fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. In 2013, Braun was suspended for the final 65 games of the season for his use of performance enhancing drugs. Thus far in the 2014 season, Braun has returned to form and is hitting .300 with 6 home runs. He proved that he didn’t need to use PED’s when he recently, in consecutive games, took Pirates closer, Jason Grilli, deep in late innings to set up back to back come from behind wins. Meanwhile, it is beginning to look like last year’s success may have been a fluke for Grilli. Grilli, a career journeyman, has now blown 3 saves in 8 relief appearances this year.
—The BVAC indoor soccer league recently completed another successful season. The league provides an opportunity for kids of all grade levels, K-12, from Butler, Venango, Armstrong and Clarion counties to enjoy the game of soccer for a few months during the winter while in the comfort of a high school gym. Thanks to the Keystone School District for stepping up and bending over backwards in providing a home for the league for the 2014 season.
Dick’s Thoughts - Alicia Aughton of LaSalle University was recently named Atlantic 10 Player of the Week and Pitcher of the Week.  Alicia is the daughter of former AC Valley standout Todd Aughton and granddaughter of Harold and Carolyn Aughton.
Congratulations to Keystone’s Madison Johnson for being named second team all state in Class A basketball and Karns City’s LeeAnn Gibson for being named third team all state in Class AA. 
As of this writing Marc Andre Fleury has given up 31 goals in his last 8 playoff appearances.  The Pens cannot win the Cup with this kind of goaltending and when Sidney Crosby and Evegni Malkin go missing in action it could be another cup less year.  Bylsma will get blamed and probably be fired but I have not seen him on the ice one time. 
Terrelle Pryor was recently traded from the Raiders to the Seahawks.  If Pryor makes the team he will be paid $705,000.  The Seahawks will pay starter Russell Wilson $ 662,434 in 2014.
As of this writing Gregory Polanco is batting 419 at Indianapolis with 10 multi-hit games out of the 18 he has played.  Hopefully the Pirates will still be in contention when they bring him up.
The Pirates are paying Jose Tabata $1.167 million this year.  For what?
There have been 12 Major League Baseball games that have ended 1-0 already this season which is the most by the end of April in history. 
The Chicago Cubs recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of baseball at Wrigley Field.  The Cubbies invited back of the franchise greats such as Billy Williams, Ferguson Jenkins, Ernie Banks, and Andre Dawson.  It was great to see they brought back Bob Dernier who blasted 16 home runs in his Chicago career yet the Cubs excluded Sammy Sosa who hit 545 homers for the Bruins.
Thought of the week:  Pray hardest when it is hardest to pray.

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