Double Drivel 3/18/14 Issue

Dicks Thoughts:
Ben McAdoo was recently named the new Offensive Coordinator of the New York Giants.  McAdoo  played his high school football at Homer Center where he was coached by former AC Valley standout Rick Foust.  Look for Rick on the sidelines of Giants games. 
The Pirates and their fans have huge expectations for outfielder Gregory Polanco.  Polanco has been compared favorably with Darryl Strawberry.  If Tabata and Snyder strike out as right fielders look for Polanco in June.  The only concern with Polanco being the answer is so far in his minor league career the power hitter has a grand total of 12 home runs.
Khem Birch was at one time a huge Pitt basketball recruit.  Many thought he would be one and done and off to the NBA.  He was one and done with Pitt but ended up at UNLV.  Now completing his 3rd season of college basketball and Birch is averaging 11 points and 10 rebounds a game.  The way Pitt has been beaten on the boards this year Birch and Steven Adams sure would have made a huge difference. 
LeBron James scored 61 points the other night.  Wilt Chamberlain in his career scored 60 or more points 32 times in his career.  In the history of the NBA all the players combined do not have 32 60 point games.   
It looks like Nascar might be on the comeback trail.  The Phoenix race outdrew the PGA, NBA, and the NHL combined in the ratings war.  Dale Jr winning at Daytona had to help that number considerably.
Thought of the week:  Those who get too big for their pants will be exposed in the end. 

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