Double Drivel 2/18/14 Issue

Zach Davis has led the Van Alstyne (TX) high school basketball team to a 22-3 record.  Davis leads the team in scoring, rebounding, assists, and steals. Zach is the son of former Emlenton resident Scott Davis and the grandson of Daryl (Red) and Joan Davis of Emlenton. 
Head Coach Emily Marron has her University of Central Florida women’s golf team up to #21 in the latest rankings. The Knights in their last 6 tournaments have finished no worse than 5th and have won the last 2. 
Pitt recently picked up their 20th win of the year in basketball. Pitt now has 20 wins or more for 13 straight seasons. The Panthers had one 20 win season in the prior 13 years. This might be Jamie Dixon’s best coaching job yet as this team is woefully short on talent. 
Remember when the baseball season ended last year and AJ Burnett said he would either come back to the Pirates or retire in 2014.  Well AJ ended up with 16 million reasons to end up pitching for the Phillies this year.  One report says the Bucs only offered AJ $8 million while another report says they offered $12 million. $8 million might have been a lowball offer, but if they offered a 37 year old pitcher who did not pitch the biggest game of the year last year $12 million it is hard to blame the Pirates. Reports said AJ was so mad about not getting to pitch Game 5 or the playoffs that if the Bucs had won they did not know if he would accompany the team to LA.  AJ benefitted by pitching at PNC Park and by having pretty good defense behind him. It will be interesting to see how he handles the lousy defense the Phils will give him along with pitching in the launching pad in Philadelphia. 
The first week of the Winter Olympics have been fairly disappointing for Team USA.  Bode Miller, Shawn White, Shani Davis, and both curling teams have been far from stellar. Hopefully week 2 brings a haul of gold medals. 
Richard Petty was recently quoted as saying “The only way Danica Patrick can win a race is if everyone else stayed home”.
Thought of the week: Every morning you are born again. What you do today is what matters most. 

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