Double Drivel 12-31-13 Issue


Dick’s Thoughts
Pitt won the Pizza Bowl 30-27 over Bowling Green. The win gave Pitt their first winning season since Dave Wannstedt was the coach. Beating the MAC champion is not a big deal, but beating them with the number of freshmen that Pitt used is. Pitt has sunk to a level where they were actually 7 point underdogs in the game. But again the future looks bright for Pitt when you consider that all 30 points were scored by freshmen.
Fans and the media get all wrapped up in the recruiting of athletes and the stars that are given by the recruiting services. Aaron Donald just won every award a defensive lineman can win and was recruited by Pitt, Toledo, and Rutgers. James Conner who ran wild in the bowl game had offers from Pitt, Bowling Green, Eastern Michigan, and Miami Ohio. You never know in the recruiting game.
As of this writing Penn State coach Bill O’Brien was to interview with the Texans for their vacant head coaching job. You have to wonder what recruits who want to play for B O for their 4 years think when after each of his 2 seasons he has interviewed to leave Happy Valley.
The Steelers voted Antonio Brown their MVP this season. Brown had a great year, but he did drop a few crucial passes that cost the Black and Gold a couple of games and he was suspended a game for his behavior. Brown was good but someone had to throw him the ball. I thought Big Ben should have been named the MVP after accomplishing what he did behind the makeshift line he played with.
I am sure the NBA will sell lots of jerseys that were used on Christmas day, but those uniforms looked like gym classes years ago. The only thing worse than the jerseys with sleeves were the hideous socks that some of the players wore.
How does Jason Garrett still have a job? Jerry Jones projects to be a winner yet his teams have been 500 for the past 15 years.
By the time you read this Detroit Lions coach Jim Swartz will probably be unemployed. I wonder if he regrets the fake field goal he tried against the Steelers that turned the game around and started the Lions downhill spiral.
Just over a month till the Olympics and 3 months till baseball starts.
Thought of the week: Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are.

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