Double Drivel 12-17-13 Issue


Dick’s Thoughts:
Pitt’s Aaron Donald won the Bednarkik, Nagurski, Outland, and Lombardi Trophies, a clean sweep for a defensive lineman and yet was not invited to the Heisman Award ceremony. If a player sweeps every major award and can’t make the Top 6 for the NY Athletic Club, a defensive player will never win the Heisman. I just remembered the great Manti Te’o finished as the Heisman runner up last year.
Urban Meyer in 2 seasons is 24-1 at Ohio $tate. He is also 0-1 against teams ranked in the Top 10 during those 2 years. Michigan State has a good team, but they did not really beat anyone this year and lost to Notre Dame. Auburn beat 2 teams in the Top 5 in a 7 day period. Thank heavens we were spared of having to watch Urban and his Buckeyes in the National Championship Game this year.
The 5 touchdowns scored in 2:01 of the Vikings Ravens game were the fastest 5 touchdowns since 1983. None of the players scoring in this 2013 game were born back in 1983.
In the recent Philadelphia Eagles win over the Detroit Lions 34-20, there was a not a single point scored by a kicker.
Which Pirates off season move has you the most excited? Extending Charlie Morton’s contract, bringing back Clint Barmes, signing Edinson Volquez, or trading for Chris Stewart? Charlie has some potential, Barmes and Stewart each hit 211 last year, and Volquez had an ERA of 5.71 of last season. It looks like the Bucs might be trying to catch lightning in a bottle again.
The minimum salary in MLB is $490,000 while Obama is paid $400,000. In 1963 JFK was $100,000 and only Willie Mays at $105,000 made more.
As the weather continues to worsen and we are again reminded of global warming, I thought of one of my favorite quotes. Former Steeler great Bubby Brister once said about playing at 3 Rivers Stadium, "It’s hard to play at 3 Rivers because the wind blows off the lake." Bubby was not a geography major.
Dicks’ Pick
STEELERS @ Green Bay: Will Aaron Rogers play or not that is the question. A battle of 2 teams going nowhere fast. I hope it snows so there is a reason to watch this one. Rothleisberger is pretty good in meaningless games. Steelers 16 Pack 13
Thought of the week: Always be yourself because the people that matter don’t mind, and the ones that mind don’t matter.

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