Dear Emlenton Citizens,

Yesterday A few fortunate local men struck it big in the oil patch.
They built the school building, original firehouse-city hall and donated them to Emlenton
The WPA paid for most of the Sanitary Sewer Collection System and a
Sewer Treatment Plant. Investors built the entire Water System, which was state of art in the early 1900's - at no cost to the Borough. 
The Municipal Parks, Swimming Pool, Ball Fields and Medical Center were provided primarily through trust funds left by local citizens. 
 Today Another donor is in town
 AQUA is here investing millions of dollars to totally replace our 1900's
 Water system. No patch work here! Every aspect of our water supply
 Will be brand new and still NO COST to the Borough.
Tomorrow you will be protected from tainted water. Fire flow from the new eight inch pipes and Fire Hydrants will make our Volunter Firemen more effective,
and happy!
When the dust settles you are not going to remember these little bumps in the road.
Emlenton will have a twenty-first century, state of the art Water Supply and silk smooth streets.
Please stop complaining about a couple Bumps in the Road!
  Bob Eckelbarger
Emlenton, PA

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