Concerning the Marcellus shale

Dear Editor;
Concerning the Marcellus shale, it looks like some of us are going to be asked to choose between lots of natural gas with riches for a few on one hand, and clean air, drinkable water and unpolluted streams for the rest of us, on the other hand.  And we don’t know half of what we need to know about this.  Halliburton and other companies were given immunity by Congress, years ago, in preparation for what is happening now, in case their activities polluted our water (including our underground aquifers), fouled our air or sent deadly chemicals downstream, and probably brought about other long lasting destructive results.  Before you allow those companies to operate on your land, make sure you see the DVD entitled “Gasland”, made by a property owner who investigated before signing on the dotted line, and from what he found out, decided not to sign, in spite of the very large amount of money he would have received if he had signed.  I saw that DVD, and it scared me.
Claudette Bedard
Cooperstown, PA

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