Angi Keller Announces Her Candidacy for Clarion County Commissioner

Angi Keller

PORTER TOWNSHIP – Angi Keller of Porter Township recently announced her intent to place her name on the Republican ticket for the office of Clarion County Commissioner in the May 19 primary election.
“I believe first and foremost that the role of a Clarion County Commissioner calls for a strict adherence to The County Code, which is the law that dictates the governing of counties within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the County Pension Law and to abide by federal and state restrictions and responsibilities as well,” Keller said. “As the former Chief Clerk, I spent several years learning, living and advising on The County Code and the County Pension Law. It is not always easy, convenient or conducive to friendships to obey the law or to make amends for breaking it, but I believe that local government leaders need to take a proactive stance on being examples in this area.”
“I also have observed that county commissioners in general have strayed far from their core purpose since the time when William Penn created the concept of a commission to govern counties in the Commonwealth,” she noted. “The primary responsibility of a commissioner was and is to effectively and efficiently manage the county government system.”
With business and economic issues high on the list of constituent concerns, Keller stated that, “community development personnel already are in place in our county and region and the commissioners need to be supporting and assisting them.
“I believe that commissioners need to be focusing on making sure our citizens, visitors and prospective business investors are properly cared for on the most basic levels first. Are we addressing our human and emergency service needs to the best of our ability? Are our land development processes conducive to doing business in our county? Are our county employees treated with respect and provided with safe work environments which are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy so that they can best serve our citizens? Are the systems in place to address local crime as effective and efficient as possible? Are we using our voice within the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) to put Clarion County on the map in a positive light? We’ve got to get those ducks in a row first,” Keller concluded.
The Republican hopeful urged voters to become informed on the duties and responsibilities of the job of a Clarion County Commissioner before casting their ballots in May. “Commissioners must have the ability to manage a workforce of more than 200 employees, have the professional experience and fortitude to negotiate contracts with both employee unions and external work-related entities and they must be fiscally disciplined and educated enough carry the fiduciary responsibility of an employee pension portfolio of nearly $23 million and annual operating budgets which could possibly be near $20 million by the end of their terms,” Keller explained. “Those are not small tasks.”
She cited her skills in overseeing the county’s insurance programs and the employee pension system, her position as the county’s Public Information Officer, her spot on the county’s disaster response team, her former role as an active voting member of CCAP and awareness of county issues on the state level as “bonuses” in her preparation for the role of commissioner.
“As the county news reporter, I gained a working knowledge of all county departments, either from the standpoint of the county providers or the clientele – or both,” Keller said.
“Then, in working as the chief administrator of Clarion County, I made a conscious effort to learn the roles and responsibilities of the various departments and entities,” she added. “My focus was on serving them while displaying respect and integrity in my day-to-day work and contact with employees, professional contacts and constituents.”
Keller is a graduate of Redbank Valley High School in New Bethlehem and attended college in Quincy, Massachusetts, and Mount Vernon, Ohio. She holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and had a major concentration in literature.
She began working as a news writer for The Leader-Vindicator in New Bethlehem in 1996 and was soon promoted to Social News Editor until June 1999. After choosing to reduce her work schedule to freelance contracting, Keller returned as a full-time reporter for The Leader-Vindicator under McLean Publishing in 2008. Her work in feature writing enabled her to get to know personally many Clarion County residents, business owners and government leaders. She also has a vast knowledge of local history due to extensive personal and professional research.
Keller also spent many years of her life as a professional vocalist and trained privately in Boston and Pittsburgh. She has also held jobs as a mental health technician, an administrative assistant for a church expansion team, and operated a home-based decorating consultant business. She was appointed as Chief Clerk/County Administrator for Clarion County in January 2012 and resigned from that post in October 2014.
Keller has extensive experience in leadership as a former church board member, a coordinator and mentor of several dozen volunteers in a church preschool ministry, a longtime church worship team member, is a past director of local Vacation Bible School programs, and has volunteered countless hours as a costume designer/coordinator for multiple school dramatic performances. She also has volunteered her time and services to local youth sports organizations and has been a member of natural disaster relief and international mission teams as well as being a former member of Redbank Valley School District’s Strategic Planning Committee.
She is founder/co-president of Friends On Ready Watch Against Raw Deals (F.O.R.W.A.R.D), a grassroots effort to help research and provide information on environmental issues which have the potential to impact local residents. She is also a member of the National Rifle Association and is a Gold Star Mother.
Keller resides in Porter Township. She has four children, Nolan Sovik, a senior at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana; Tristan Keller and Alena Keller, students at Redbank Valley High School; and PV2 Jonah B. Sovik (1994-2014).

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