2015 Foxburg Ice Fishing Tournament

2015 Foxburg Ice Fishing Tournament

Commentary by Chuck Gisselbrecht

  We changed things up this year. We had preregistration available until February 2nd through by mail.Only 12 teams had pre-registered, by then which concerned us. The concern was would we have enough entrants the day of. Well, to our surprise we had 31 additional teams register by 8 AM the day of the tournament which brought the total number of teams to 43, which exceeded last year’s total of 33.

(In Picture, L-R: 3rd Place - Michael Kuna & Susan Griffith; First Place - Arron Ohl; 2nd Place - Bob & Cody Griffith and Biggest Fish - Nathan Reed.)

   I dragged a full size grill, beverages, tables and an easy up out to the middle of the lake to serve hotdogs and hamburgers. Some participants purchased food and some people walked out on the lake that were not participating and purchased food, who thought eating a meal out on a frozen lake was a different experience. Thank you, Bill Bartley, of Parker Fire Department, for venturing out on the lake and assisting us by doing the grilling. Together with the tournament results here are some highlights from this unique event and the people that made this such an extraordinary day.

  Arron and Sam OhI never fished Kahle Lake and asked us where the best place was to go. I really could not answer except find the creek channel in the lake. They ventured out and by 7:45 AM Arron was running back to the registration area with his bucket in hand. I have to weigh these before they die. You can only weigh in once are you sure you want to do this when you have all day. Those fish won’t die as long as you keep them in the bucket with water I explained. Yes, I want to weigh them in, he was excitedly stating. Upon looking in his bucket I clearly understood why, he had caught five very large crappie and placed them in his bucket. His total weight came to 4 lbs. 3.4 oz. which was the top standing weight throughout the day, giving him and Sam 1st place. However when he was done weighing, he stated he needed to get back and make sure his wife Sam was warm in the shanty because he forgot to bring the heater when they left home. I told him to take mine, for your wife will not be happy sitting in the cold shanty all day with you regardless if you may win.

  At 7:15 AM a gentleman and a little girl registered. This little girl was perhaps 5-years old. I watched them both load their gear onto their sleds and walk onto the ice. When they registered I learned their names, John the father and Adeline Corman, the daughter. They did not have a shelter and they moved all over the ice trying different holes from one end of the lake to the other. Upon returning to weigh-ins at 3:45 PM, she was smiling and very excited. She had a small bluegill and wanted it weighed. I explained I would after I weighed the 5 that dad had. I weighed her bluegill; it weighed an impressive 7.2 oz. I shook her hand. Her gloves were soaked and she didn’t seem to care, she was just so happy with her fish. John, I thought to myself, what a wonderful opportunity you have to be able to share this sport with your 5 year old daughter, and she has learned the sport well. Congratulations, you truly won the real prize, a shared interest with your daughter.

  At 6:30 AM a man entered with his partner; his partner was wearing shorts; the temperature at this time was 17. I did not catch their names but we nicknamed him the “Ice Beast”. Hope this doesn’t offend you. But you wore shorts through the entire tournament and fished with no shelter. Anyone who can do this is a hardcore ice fishing beast so take it as a compliment please.

  BIGGEST FISH, won by Nathan Reed and Dan Heeter - Perch weighing 1 lb. 3.8 oz.1ST PLACE, Arron and Sam Ohl - 5 crappie - weighing a total of 4-lb 3.4 oz.2nd place, Bob and Cody Griffith - 5 fish weighing 4-lb. 1.5 oz.3rd place, Michael Kuna and Susan Griffith - 5 fish weighing 3-lb 9.4 oz.

  We would like to thank all the participants - we were able to donate $250 to Parker, St. Petersburg and Emlenton Fire Departments. We hope to see you all next year. Thank you to all who supported this event and get the tournament publicized. We could not have done it without your advertising skills: 66 sporting goods, Explore Clarion, Go Foxburg, Foxburg Inn, The Progress News and everyone who took the time to spread the word.

  Thank you to the Foxburg Pizza for supplying the coffee cups and Parker Fire Dept. for the coffee pot and thermos. The other part of we, my wife, Beth Gisselbrecht. This could not have happened without your hard work . . . See everyone next year . . . thank you!

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