Light One Candle

Heroes, Spies, Traitors and Pope Pius XII


The Consoler of Struggling Souls


Jerry Costello for The Christophers

Here’s something you can do for your parish priest: congratulate him on his feast day. It’s coming up soon; August 4, to be exact. It’s actually the feast day of St. John Vianney, but since he’s the patron saint of the thousands of parish priests all over the world, in a real way it’s a special day for each and every one of them.

Learning to Play a Bad Hand Well


By: Tony Rossi, Director of Communications, The Christophers
My last column introduced you to Award-winning NBC News correspondent Bob Dotson, who has spent 40 years profiling ordinary people who have overcome the odds to accomplish extraordinary things. His "American Story" segments on the "Today Show" have been so popular that he collected many of them in a new book, also called "American Story."

Priest, Chaplain, Hero, Saint

By: Jerry Costello, for The Christophers

From the beginning there was something different about Father Emil Kapaun, something that set him apart. Not long ago some of his friends and family tried to figure out what that something was, and the answers they came up with make for a remarkable remembrance, a perfect tribute to keep in mind this Fourth of July.

Unmasking the Idols in Your Life

By: Jerry Costello for The Christophers
Though we modern folk believe we’re much smarter than, for example, the Israelites who built themselves a golden calf to worship thousands of years ago, we’re just as willing to bow down before false gods as they were. Our tendency to do so may be even more dangerous because we’re usually unaware about what we’re doing.

A Cardinal's Quest for Racial Justice


By: Jerry Costello for The Christophers

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