Light One Candle

Becoming A Priest at Age 71

The bishop knew who he wanted—and he got his man.

The Valor of American Soldiers

 “In the modern media world, we know the names of Kardashians more than we know the names of U.S. troops who have been killed fighting a war, ostensibly for us.”

Walking Coast to Coast with God

When Dan Reinke says “I think I’ll take a walk,” you’d better get out of the way. Because when Reinke speaks of “a walk,” somehow it comes out in capital letters—as it did this spring and summer, when Reinke literally walked from coast to coast, from a dip in the Pacific near Portland, Oregon, to jumping into the Atlantic in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In between he covered 2,514 miles, and last August, when his journey came to an end, Reinke was able to say, “God has blessed me along the way.”

The Wright Thing

This month marks the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, the superstorm that dealt much of the Northeast a crippling blow. The loss of life and property was staggering; an estimated 250 people were killed as a result of the storm, and property damage was measured in the billions. That was particularly true of the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area, where some homes in low-lying areas were smashed to bits and others were burned to the ground. Millions more were without power for over a week.

I Did What a Priest Does

By: Jerry Costello for The Christophers
It had all the earmarks of a great wire-service news story, the kind that reporters hope will fall into their laps one day: a priest mysteriously shows up at the scene of a motor vehicle accident, consoles a victim and prays with her, and then just as mysteriously disappears, before anyone could even offer a word of thanks. The story had legs for a couple of days, with reports of an "angel priest" who appeared and suddenly disappeared, all in the middle of Missouri.

The Difference Made by Faith, Love and Action


By: Jerry Costello for The Christophers

"It gives you meat along with the potatoes."
No, that’s not a comment from a waiter describing a meal. Rather, it’s a compliment I received from a man who enjoys our annual "Three Minutes a Day" book. He called our office a few months ago to say that the stories and reflections in the books provide him with entertainment, inspiration, and substance. Or "meat along with the potatoes."

Music, St. Ignatius and the Sons of Santa

The Sons of Santa. That’s the strangely-named band that 16-year-old Ben Walther belonged to in high school. He had no idea at the time that God would use that band to lead him to his vocation.

A Knuckleballer Who Spreads Faith and Joy


A Doozy of a Woman


By: Jerry Costello for The Christophers

If she had done nothing more than run the Dope Open, that would have been plenty. Her name is Mary Mulholland, and the Dope Open, which she started in 1968, went on for 42 years and was easily the most successful charity golf tournament in the history of the State of New Jersey. It raised more than $15 million, not only for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers but also for battered women, domestic violence programs, and information sessions about AIDS.

The Pope Saves Jews from the Nazis


By: Tony Rossi, Director of Communications, The Christophers

In my last column, I started sharing the intriguing story of Pope Pius XII who, despite being called a Nazi sympathizer in recent years, actually did a great deal to help Jews all over Europe during World War II. This little-known story is told in Gordon Thomas’s book The Pope’s Jews: The Vatican’s Secret Plan to Save Jews from the Nazis.

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