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Entering The Story of Christianity

So a rationalist and a mystic walk into a bar. Okay, it wasn’t a bar; they walked into a writing class.
That’s not the opening of a weird joke. It’s the way a life-changing bond was formed between two talented young writers whose personal journeys—told in the book “Love and Salt: A Spiritual Friendship Shared in Letters”—offer relevant, relatable and theologically-rich examples of growing in faith.

Choosing Veterans Over Hollywood

I remember once, years ago, writing a Christopher column about a nun who made a project of sorts out of Gregory Peck, the actor. She had been on an NBC tour when he was a page and was taken with his voice, and now, a few years later, when he had two or three movie roles behind him, she wrote to tell him she was praying for his success. The point of the column was his reply. Instead of sending a form letter he wrote warmly that her prayers were appreciated, and that he would try to justify her confidence in him. In short, he seemed like a nice and thoughtful guy.

Jesus, Divorce and a Study on Gratitude


What do Jesus, a country song about divorce, and a research study on gratitude have in common? More than you might think.

Building A Marriage That Taps Into God's Love

“This is a generation that has a real fear about making marriage work, and they’re hungry to figure out how to do it so they don’t end up making the same mistakes they see everyone else making and experiencing that agonizing pain.”

Padre Whiskey's Cause for Sainthood


Tim Conway's Hilarious (and Spiritual) Life


You should always follow your mother’s advice. Well, almost always. Consider this story that comedian Tim Conway shared in his recent "Christopher Closeup" interview about his new memoir, "What’s So Funny? My Hilarious Life."

Operation True Grit

Whenever a year draws to a close, many of us question the way we’re living our lives and what we’d like to improve about ourselves. Lt. Col. Mark Weber faced that question too. But it wasn’t in relation to a new year.

Love Turns Despair Into Hope

Christmas is about welcoming the Christ Child into our world and our hearts. In that sense, every day is Christmas for Dan and Annalise "Cubby" LaHood, who welcome severely disabled children into their Silver Spring, Maryland home because they see Christ in each of them.

God, Music and Forgiveness for Christmas


Great songs are often inspired by difficult times, even great Christmas songs. Yet music has a way of turning pain into a relatable way of connecting with others, a form of consolation, and even an opportunity to create a more hopeful situation.

A Modern Heir to St. Nicholas


Father Joseph Marquis, not surprisingly, knows all about Christmas. But—and this is the part that might surprise you a little bit—he knows all about Santa Claus, too. At a time when many in the church downplay the role of Santa and the gifting tradition as symbols of all that’s gone wrong with Christmas, Father Marquis is something else. Not only does he embrace the concept of Santa Claus, but he makes use of the idea as a true teaching moment—about the real message of Christmas. Here’s how it all came about...

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