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Double Drivel 12-3-13 Issue

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Double Drivel 11-12-13 Issue

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Double Drivel 11-5-13 Issue

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Double Drivel 10-22-13 Issue

Dick’s Thoughts - Since 1976 the Pirates have won only 2 post season series.

Double Drivel 10-1-13 issue


Dick’s Thoughts
I was able to attend the GNCC races at RiverStone Farms in Foxburg and had a great time. Even though it rained and rained on Saturday the event turned out to be a great success. Rumor has it the race will return which is great news.
Jeff Locke has been pretty bad since the All Star game. He did manage to win 10 games this year, which is not bad for a #5 starting pitcher. A few years ago the Bucs did not have a single pitcher that won 10 games.

Double Drivel 9-3-13 issue

Dick’s Thoughts:
Congratulations to A-C Valley’s Noah Morgan for recently carding his first career hole in one. Noah aced the second hole with a 5 iron at Foxburg Country Club. Witnessing the perfect shot were teammates Devon Reddinger and Tervor Ferris.

Double Drivel 8/27/13


Many are picking the Steelers to finish last in their division this year. When’s the last time that has happened?
—School started back this week, so with that comes the return of Friday night football at the local high schools. See you at a football field near you.

Double Drivel 8/13/13


Double Drivel 8/6/13


Double Drivel 7-16-13 Issue



Dick’s Thoughts
From July 1 through July 10 pitcher Francisco Liriano had more rbi’s than Brandon Inge, Clint Barmes, Gaby Sanchez, Jordy Mercer, Michael McKenry, and Travis Snider combined. The Pirates need at least one more bat, and if they don’t go out and get one we may have a repeat of the last 2 seasons.

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