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Into The Outdoors 8/6/13 Issue


As we all know, we’re well into the "dog days" of August. There are lots of explanations for the origin of the term, but here are two of the most common. One is the belief that dogs have a greater tendency to "go mad," or contract rabies during August. The other is that a dog, for whatever reason, becomes more amorous at this time. While these stories are quaint, they have no basis in fact and are, when you come right down to it, ridiculous.

Into The Outdoors 7-16-13 Issue


Into The Outdoors 7/2/13 Issue


Into The Outdoors 6/25/13


As we all know, June 16th was Father’s Day. Given that, it might be nice to take a little look at the role dads have played in the outdoor experience. When I think about it, nearly every hunter and angler I know was introduced to the sports by their father.

Into The Outdoors 6/18/13 Issue


This Friday, June 21st, marks the official beginning of summer. One of the many great things about summer is the abundance of warm nights. This presents the opportunity for the topic of this week’s column, which is night fishing.
While most of us tend to do the bulk of our fishing during the daylight hours, there’s lots of great action to be had at night. This week, let’s look at some of it. While I am no longer a dusk to dawn angler, I still like to get out at night once in awhile.

Into The Outdoors 6/11/13 Issue


For most folks, the mention of panfishing immediately evokes an image of lake or pond fishing. That’s understandable, as most panfishing is indeed done in these impoundments. Are they the only waters in which to find panfish? The answer is an emphatic "No!" Good panfishing can actually be found in many rivers and large streams, including those in this area.

Into The Outdoors 6/4/13 Issue


Saturday, June 15th, will mark the opening day of Bass Season in Pennsylvania. We are fortunate in this area to live close to some of the best bass fishing in the state. Lake Arthur and Kahle Lake both contain good largemouth populations. Both the Allegheny and Clarion rivers offer excellent angling opportunities for the smallmouth or "bronzeback." This week, let’s focus on the smallmouth. Pound for pound, it could be argued that the smallmouth bass is the most sporting and best fighting of all gamefish.

Into The Outdoors 5/28/13 Issue

If you take delight in seeing various forms of wildlife, this is the time of year for you. If you get the chance, just take a jog or walk in the great outdoors, especially along the river. The Seybertown Road, close to my home, is home to countless species. In the last couple of weeks or so, I have seen an osprey, two eagles, a huge variety of songbirds, squirrels and others. This seems to be an exceptionally good year for butterflies. They are everywhere, and they are beautiful. In the very near future, a column will be devoted to them.

Into The Oudoors 5-21-13 Issue

For most of us, the mention of flyfishing evokes a mental picture of a pristine mountain stream, a wicker creel, a tweed hat and a surface dimpled by working trout. That’s great, and fun, too, but such fishing can be hard to find around these parts. What about the angler who likes to fish with flies, but doesn’t have the time and/or money to travel long distances to do so?

Into The Outdoors 5/14/13 Issue

For openers this week, a reader recently raised an interesting question. It appears that clusters resembling insect eggs are gathering on his boat and dock. At first, I was totally puzzled, but after some thought and research, I came up with a possible theory. I would not be surprised if these are some sort of mussels, probably zebra. Mussel larvae attach themselves to structures and begin their development. In fact, this is how they often get transplanted from one place to another.

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