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ESAL photographer's work explores regional architecture

12 November 2018 - 12:03pm
Above, one Latella’s photographs from the “Only Yesterday When Steel was King” series." src = "https://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=5iG17iSUwkbJsl7aXC2T9s$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYva55SiZ36jyPTlLcHTl_p8WCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
For aspiring photographers, Anthony Latella of New Kensington had simple advice. "Learn how to operate the camera, find a mentor, take lots of pictures and ...
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Tim Benz: Patriots lose, Chargers win; how Week 10 affected Steelers

12 November 2018 - 6:27am
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) sits on the turf after being sacked by the Tennessee Titans in the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski)" src = "https://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=vSkfOzgFjHi1HylobeSUCc$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYsfVPY7xJgpdJ0QQHpZHRtCWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
I made a mistake I make every year. Whenever the Steelers play their Thursday night game, I use the time I have free the following ...
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