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3-year-old found dead in day care van was in hot vehicle all day, Orlando police say

8 August 2017 - 11:06pm
ORLANDO, Fla. - The heartbreak of losing her beloved 3-year-old great-nephew has left Barbara Livingston numb. And angry. Myles Hill died after being left in ...
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Report: Trump has sent ‘greetings’ to Robert Mueller

8 August 2017 - 11:04pm
Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, the special counsel probing Russian interference in the 2016 election, departs Capitol Hill after a closed door meeting in Washington." src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=EjzfqW_K2CBQ3sNyzaU$wM$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYu8dyxOvw2rs05V75wM$bSmWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
WASHINGTON – President Trump has publicly called the widening federal investigation into Russia’s election meddling a “witch hunt.” But through his lawyer, Trump has sent ...
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Rolling back a power grab: What’s clean & clear

8 August 2017 - 11:00pm
This June 2015 photo shows a dry water ditch next to a corn field in Cordova, Md. A federal judge in North Dakota blocked an Obama administration rule, which would have given the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers authority to protect some streams, tributaries and wetlands under the Clean Water Act. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)" src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=MplfTwQZYyVDE57bJHG_vs$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYutlGaMVo0ju_GnI49JboaFWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
President Trump hasn’t yet “drained the swamp” but he is moving forward to flush an onerous federal water rule that bogs down states’ and private ...
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‘Feisty’ Greensburg mom had ‘Wonder Woman’ qualities

8 August 2017 - 11:00pm
" src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=e4W5Jd7nqcuZwxa0ve5Nas$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYsp3QOvXNZfCtMsHtq2RiyqWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
Bette Iannuzzo spent her life helping others, pushing her children and grandchildren to meet high standards and showing up late at restaurants. “She was fun, ...
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Spirit Airlines gives Derry Township native, a World War II vet, an honor guard sendoff

8 August 2017 - 11:00pm
Fellow passenger Maureen Kane greets World War II veteran Mitch Chockla, 96, as he arrives at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport on Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017. Chockla, a Derry Township native, will turn 97 on Thursday." src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=USkSD_mkInaefiWWlG1ljM$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYsP48GeF84fpFDvKCf6iFv8WCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
Derry Township native “Mitch” Chockla is one of the Greatest Generation that pulled the United States and its allies through World War II, and his ...
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Former WPIAL cross champion Kennedy nearing finish line at Notre Dame

8 August 2017 - 10:51pm
Brent Kennedy, left, and his brother Eric stretch before taking a morning run along Roaring Run Watershed trail in Apollo on Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017." src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=NQtwqXHWHfzsgqoA_rKut8$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYsljTW22N1u2inBRnbMOyuSWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
Brent Kennedy worked an internship this summer at Discovery Robotics, an Oakland start-up creating an industrial floor-cleaning robot. After years of research and development, the ...
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Guido: High school football players to be greeted by new rules

8 August 2017 - 10:27pm
A blindside block is pretty much a thing of the past in high school football. The prohibition and definition of the blindside block are among ...
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WPIAL football conference preview: Class 6A Northern Seven

8 August 2017 - 10:27pm
Pine-Richland quarterback Phil Jurkovec leaps past Central Catholic's Clay Myers during the second quarter Friday, Sept. 30, 2016, at Highmark Stadium." src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=HhrzUxtiaEmy4MxHbWwCVc$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYvk95ebwEypWLjwYvbRl8fqWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
The favorite Pine-Richland (7-5 overall, 4-2 Northern Seven in 2016) After losing to Central in the semifinals last season, the Rams are poised to rebound ...
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In switch, Justice Department backs Ohio voter purge

8 August 2017 - 10:27pm
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted: "This case is about maintaining the integrity of our elections, something that will be harder to do if elections officials are not be able to properly maintain the voter rolls."" src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=mqhjbKRfCOgOFIM5b8yfX8$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYuluY7ppJ5jPwC70xDzKRpjWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
The Justice Department has reversed its position in a high-profile voting case in Ohio, siding with the state in its effort to purge thousands of ...
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Man flown to Conemaugh Memorial following quad crash in Fairfield

8 August 2017 - 10:15pm
" src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=QT_zEVIoKQZxlTh9N5oYaM$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYuHHVwKqYYQ6Jz_OeDHHwHVWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
A male patient was airlifted from Fairfield Township after being injured in an all-terrain vehicle accident on Tuesday night. The accident happened along Midget Camp ...
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Delmont council appoints interim member from election candidates

8 August 2017 - 10:06pm
Delmont Mayor Alyce Urban administers the oath of office to new Councilman Stan Cheyne on Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017. Cheyne will fill out the remainder of former Councilman Carl Boyd's term, which runs through the end of 2017. Boyd resigned in July." src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=TvIc93N$DF9iqBg6hIxgK8$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYsQv285p_gJVFmDlU4EonG1WCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
Delmont Borough Council has appointed borough recreation board member Stan Cheyne to fill the remainder of former Councilman Carl Boyd’s term, which runs through the ...
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Chad Kuhl’s strong outing, RBIs carry Pirates past Tigers

8 August 2017 - 9:57pm
Pirates pitcher Chad Kuhl drives in two runs with a base hit during the fourth inning against the Tigers Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017, at PNC Park." src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=S_kMmfMgtEtNEI_RBZmohM$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYuDwTYSSXj18$cOq$YjyaHJWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
For the second night in a row, one of the Pirates’ youngest arms contained the Detroit Tigers lineup and a former Triple Crown star. Hard-throwing ...
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$1M bill deposit attempt leads to Iowa man’s drug arrest

8 August 2017 - 9:42pm
Dennis Strickland" src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=eWlNS_2q12t7Aip2EHtFvs$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYs5cS3P6xEURDyuhtrteTeIWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
SIOUX CITY, Iowa — Authorities say a man who tried to deposit what he presented as a $1 million bill has been charged with drug ...
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A 97-year-old vet is murdered in his pajamas as Baltimore struggles to contain the killings

8 August 2017 - 9:39pm
Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh speaks during a joint news conference in Baltimore, Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017, to announce the Baltimore Police Department's commitment to a sweeping overhaul of its practices under a court-enforceable agreement with the federal government. Standing behind Pugh is Attorney General Loretta Lynch, center right." src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=5L05FSOcKF6ywdmJuF$n0c$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYslo4qIIxkYL7qtRTOD$S6WWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
BALTIMORE -- He was bludgeoned to death in his pajamas inside the two-story rowhouse he’d owned for six decades and refused to leave. Wadell Tate ...
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LA to make sure air filters are being installed in homes near freeways

8 August 2017 - 9:36pm
Traffic is backed up for miles following a deadly highway crash on Interstate 10 in Fontana, Calif., Friday, Aug. 4, 2017." src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=LgW8ll5NdgYFFReTzPTwlc$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYtIEn02btV_WioaEkrKvHzwWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
LOS ANGELES - Mayor Eric Garcetti has ordered Los Angeles building inspectors to begin tracking whether required air filtration systems are being installed in new ...
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Franklin Regional seeks to create modern spaces for students

8 August 2017 - 9:36pm
The Franklin Regional school board." src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=p6lKUEOZ9lRuxzz4ikn$DM$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYsrh4hgOSCunf4vpebOaZYwWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
Architects are moving ahead with plans for the new Franklin Regional elementary campus off Sardis Road and will present regular updates at district school board ...
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Pittsburgh police nab ‘person of interest’ in Terrace Village slaying

8 August 2017 - 9:15pm
" src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=xTAZ7ejnjmocHusWNniTys$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYt7meZ5mw8V1qyxFrC6IDeHWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
Pittsburgh police are investigating a fatal shooting in the city’s Terrace Village neighborhood and have a “person of interest” in custody. The Allegheny County Medical ...
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Weaker Franklin crosses Yucatan, aims for Mexico mainland

8 August 2017 - 9:06pm
Soldiers stand in the rain next to letters spelling out the town name Mahahual as they prepare for the arrival of Tropical Storm Franklin in Mahahual, Quintana Roo state, Mexico, Monday, Aug. 7, 2017. " src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=nfKulIpfQG9GixpqeaF$v8$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYsp8L6T1DFshzmH3UzL8VFCWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
MEXICO CITY — A weakened Tropical Storm Franklin emerged over the Bay of Campeche early Tuesday evening after crossing the Yucatan Peninsula on a path ...
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Home run king Bonds wishes he played 1 more year

8 August 2017 - 9:03pm
Barry Bonds talks to the GIants' Pablo Sandoval during batting practice before a game against the Cubs at AT&T Park on Aug. 7, 2017 in San Francisco." src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=Xv9ViJq15Meta2wYyhWF58$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYtk$_$E$TEml_FnN8hVXGunWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
SAN FRANCISCO — Barry Bonds so badly wanted to play one final season. On the 10th anniversary of breaking baseball’s all-time home run mark, Bonds ...
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Penn State the underdog? It’s possible in Big Ten East

8 August 2017 - 9:00pm
FILE - In this Jan. 2, 2017, file photo, Penn State Nittany Lions running back Saquon Barkley (26) looks for room to run against the USC Trojans during the first half of the Rose Bowl NCAA college football game, in Pasadena, Calif. Defending Big Ten champion Penn State returns a Heisman Trophy candidate at running back and a record-setting quarterback, and the Nittany Lions generally are regarded as one of the 10 best teams in the country. (AP Photo/Doug Benc, File)" src = "http://triblive.com/rss/photos/?STREAMOID=mXt0LGCba9ZTsaAtQDBU3c$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYu2MOkYJCKPWa7e2MqLA7UeWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
Defending Big Ten champion Penn State returns a Heisman Trophy candidate at running back and a record-setting quarterback, and the Nittany Lions generally are regarded ...
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